Just Imagine...

… waking up in the morning, not to an alarm clock or your boss calling, but to notifications of money being made while you were asleep.

… getting messages from your students telling you how much you’ve changed their life in ways they couldn’t do on their own.

… taking someone you love on a spontaneous trip for a month (that you easily paid for), and still making money every day while you explore.

Hi, I’m James, founder of Profit Your Knowledge.

I help creators & experts earn more money, work fewer hours, and ultimately live a meaningful and impactful life.

In 2018, I left my 6-figure construction job and dedicated my career to helping people like you take the knowledge that's inside your head and turn it into a  lucrative & legitimate income online.

I went from no past experience in marketing & sales to having a business that allows me to...

  • Choose my work hours
  • Travel when I want
  • Support myself and the people I care about
  • And make a real difference in other people's lives.

But I had to learn all of this the hard way ... Which is great for you! 

Because now you don't have to go through all the pain and frustration that I did to build your business. I want you to shortcut the learning curve.

Creators always say the same things:

  • “I hate tech.”
  • I want to just be able to show up and do the WORK and not be hunting for clients all the time.”
  • “I know I have something great; I just need to get it out there but don’t know how.”

Over the years, I've learned that success doesn’t require "hustling" all the time.

Smart creators know that the art is in building assets that do your marketing and sales for you.

That way you can focus on the things you really want to do.

You can choose when you want to work (and don’t want to) and STILL make a lucrative income ... every ... single ... month.

Profit Your Knowledge is about creating freedom and autonomy, to live the life you want.

I want you to make money.

But even more than that, I want you to say YES to life more by going on that trip your friend invited you to, or actually doing the things on your bucket list instead of waiting for "... someday ...".

I want to see you be fully present with the people you love instead of stressing about when the next check is coming in.

Your business should work for you, not the other way around.

It’s your job to coach, teach, and be the kind of person you want to be.

Someone who takes care of themselves.

Someone who makes a difference and has the freedom to do what they want, when they want, with who they want.

These are the people I love working with.

Does this sound like who you want to be?


Let's Build Your Online Business. Together.

Now here’s how I’m going to help you get there ...

Sign-up below to watch my Passive Income Masterclass. It’s going to show you step-by-step how all of this works along with specific actions you can take to get there (even if you don’t have a business idea).


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