Here's Why Profit Your Knowledge Exists...

Hey there!

I’m guessing you have some questions about who I am, what I do, and how I can help you so without further ado... Let’s get the show on the road! 

Who are you?

James Allen. Dog lover. Drummer. CrossFitter. Adventure seeker. Online business coach.

What do you do?

I help coaches and trainers (people who teach things) create an online business that gives them a full-time income while working part-time hoursI geek out on this topic because I know what it's like to feel like you're stuck in a loop of working for someone else, doing work you don't even care about, and thinking to yourself "I guess this is what my life is gonna be 🤷".

How do you do that?

Digital products and coaching.

The method is simple... 

✅ Create evergreen content (i.e. YouTube, blogs, and podcasts)

✅ Tailor that content to build your email list and create raving fans

✅ Build a digital product or killer coaching offer

✅ Sell through email while you travel, pursue hobbies, and hang out with family & friends 

I break the whole thing down in this 5-step action plan here.

What got you into that?

I followed in my Dad's footsteps doing construction work and realized I just didn't like it (tried to though). 

My typical day was to wake up at 3:30am, 6 days a week, get home at 4pm exhausted, then try to fit all of the stuff I actually liked in that remaining time (CrossFit, Band Practice, Skydiving, Relationships, etc.)

I had dreams for my life but this job was killing me inside and out. I could see what I was going to be if I stayed, and I didn't want that. I had to get really honest and ask myself, "What do I really want?"

When I did, I realized that my job had nothing to do with what I really wanted, and in no way was that path going to get me there.

For me, it was a life of freedom - Not having to be bound to a job, being able to travel when I wanted, covering the bill for big dinners and experiences with my family & friends, pursuing the things I care about, and giving to organizations & people that make an impact.

I always had a passion for helping others and loved teaching, which led me to life coaching, but after working with people I felt more like a therapist than anything. I wanted to help people with their careers because I know what it's like to feel trapped in a job that doesn't align with you.

After hundreds of hours of trial and error, and tens of thousands of dollars on investments (some good, many bad) I learned a lot about what works and what doesn't which ultimately led me to teach people ethical online business.

So now you know a bit about me, my only question for you is...

Ready To Build A Life Of Freedom?

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