10 Skills EVERY Entrepreneur Needs To Be Successful In 2024

If you want to grow your income and build a successful online business, all you really need to do is learn a few high-income skills.

“The future belongs to those who learn new skills and combine them in creative ways” - Robert Greene 

Today, I’m sharing with you 10 essential skills to create a successful online business, how you can learn them, and actions you can take to develop them.

These are skills I wish I learned earlier and be sure to stay until the end of this video because these skills will benefit every entrepreneur who wants to grow their business and make more money.

Let's dive in!

1. Copywriting: Captivating an audience requires persuasive writing that stimulates action and conversions. Entrepreneurs must immerse themselves in exemplary copywriting, curating a Swipe File for inspiration, and practice across various mediums like blogging, email marketing, and social platforms, using feedback as a refining tool.

2. Content Creation: Crafting valuable and engaging content tailored to audience preferences is paramount. Understanding audience pain points through thorough research, experimenting with diverse content formats, and maintaining a consistent schedule are pivotal for sustained engagement.

3. Digital Marketing: Connecting with the target audience in the online realm necessitates a deep understanding of digital marketing principles. Educating oneself through reputable sources, defining the audience's needs, and utilizing various digital channels cohesively are instrumental in effective engagement.

4. Persuasion & Sales: If you can sell, you don't have a business. Influencing beliefs and actions hinges on compelling communication. Entrepreneurs need to develop persuasive techniques, practice empathy and active listening, and master the art of storytelling as a persuasive tool.

5. Speaking: Articulating ideas eloquently before an audience is a crucial entrepreneurial skill. Engaging in public speaking courses for skill enhancement, regular practice, and learning to captivate audiences through compelling storytelling are invaluable.

6. Research & Planning: Understanding market needs and trends is foundational to effective strategy. Conducting comprehensive market research, staying updated with industry trends, and crafting a strategic business plan are vital for success.

7. Leadership: Guiding and inspiring teams toward a shared vision requires diverse leadership skills. Understanding various leadership styles, effective communication, delegation, and leading by example foster a positive work environment.

8. Design: Visual communication through aesthetics is essential in today's market. Learning design principles, mastering design software, and appreciating good design across mediums are keys to effective communication.

9. Affiliate Marketing: Leveraging affiliate marketing demands strategic alliances and quality content creation. Building credibility through reputable affiliations and fostering strong audience relationships are pivotal for conversions.

10. Time Management: Efficiently utilizing time is critical for goal achievement. Prioritizing tasks, setting realistic deadlines, and employing productivity tools like time blocking and the Pomodoro technique facilitate effective time management.


Being an entrepreneur requires you to level up in more ways than you can imagine.

By committing to develop these 10 high income skills, you are not only going to make more money in 2024 and beyond, but you will get more opportunities because you are a more valuable person.

Pick just one of these skills that you feel would make the biggest impact for you right now and commit to learning/developing it.

Get a book, enroll in a course, hire a coach, do whatever it takes to level yourself up and you will be amazed at how much you can achieve.

Let's Build Your Online Business. Together.

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