Grow Your Email List With These 3 Scalable Lead Magnet Ideas

When you grow your list, I recommend focusing on using lead magnets that are scaleable... Here's why. 


Growing your email list is one of the core things we as online business owners should be focusing on! Specifically, growing your list on auto-pilot. It took me a long time to understand how to grow an email list so that I could add value, offer my products and services, and create an automated income stream.  


It wasn’t until I started creating regular, free, valuable, evergreen content and, in it, offered something valuable to my audience (i.e. the lead magnet) that I was able to start building my list.  


And the great thing about evergreen content like a podcast, blog, or youtube channel is that it can be searched by people anywhere in the world at any time and by making your lead magnets in the way I’m going to show you today you get to create a more scalable business!  


Because if your channel, podcast, or blog blew up overnight, all the while you were offering your lead magnet, nothing would change on your end and your email list would grow accordingly.  


Let’s dive into 3 of the best scalable lead magnets you can create today!


You will learn:

  • 3 of the best lead magnets
  • How to build each lead magnet
  • How to collect leads on auto-pilot
  • What makes a great lead magnet


Grow your email list with more searchable, valuable content using this content planning template I mentioned in the video!

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