Focus on Adding Value

We often hear, "add more value!" or "it's all about adding value", "focus on adding value".

But what does that really mean?

Adding value is about making people's lives better, smoother, faster, more enjoyable.

This could mean...

- Making people laugh more.

- Inspiring them.

- Motivating them to do what they really want

- Acknowledging positive traits in another.

- Telling someone they look amazing today.

- Getting a job done faster

- Doing a job better, etc.

Competent people are more valuable people.

The world needs more competent leaders.

The biggest question to ask yourself is...

"Is what I'm about to say (or do) going to add value?"

When you put your attention on improving the lives of others, you will become more valuable.

And by doing so, you will experience:

- More joy.

- More opportunity.

- Better quality relationships.

- Greater confidence in yourself.

- More happiness and fulfillment in your life.

Everybody wins when you focus on adding value.

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