Building a Top-Ranking Podcast w/ Erik Fisher

Last week, I had the opportunity of meeting Erik Fisher.
For over 10 years, Erik Fisher has been the producer and host of the long-running Beyond The To-Do List Podcast.
With over 450 show episodes, Erik has spoken with productivity experts on how they implement productivity strategies in their personal and professional lives, with the mission to explore all aspects of productivity as a means towards the true end goal: living a meaningful life.
It was a great conversation filled with ideas and practical strategies for not just being more productive, but also starting and growing your own podcast.
You will learn:
  • The single most important thing to do when starting a podcast
  • How to get in contact with, and interview, big name people in your industry
  • Getting and staying productive with ADHD
  • How to find which actions move the needle in your personal and professional life
  • And much more

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