The best marketing advice I've ever received

When I was trying to find my niche and market myself to the world, I struggled. I think I jumped between 6-7 different niches until I landed on teaching online business.


Truth is, I was hesitant because I was scared. I thought, “What do I know about online business?” “There are so many other business coaches out there, how am I going to stand out?” So I was trying to create something new that’s “never been done before” and because of that, I stayed stuck.


Then I spoke with a friend of mine named Tyson who shared with me some of the best marketing advice I have ever received. When I heard this, something clicked inside of me.


He said, “Model the cake; innovate the icing.”



Today, I’m going to share with you why that was so valuable.


You will learn:

  • Why it was so valuable (and still is)
  • How to apply it to your online business
  • What's stopping you from earning more and making an impact

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