Make Your Dreams Happen By Creating Consequences

Do you find yourself pushing goals and dreams off for "one day"?
Let's face it...
Our dreams and aspirations won't happen until we fully commit to them.
Many people in this world say they're going to make their dreams happen and what happens?
Months go by...
Years go by...
Nothing changes.
But why is that?
People don't create consequences when they don't take action towards their dreams.
We can talk about our dreams all we want.
But until the rubber hit's the road... 
(i.e. taking some friggin action!)
Those dreams will remain ideas.
That's why we have to make our dreams happen by creating consequences.
If your dream is to take your family on an epic vacation...
Book the hotel!
Consequence: You'll lose that money if you DON'T go!
If your dream is to leave your soul-sucking job...
Put the date on your calendar and tell your boss you're taking a leave of absence or just straight up leaving.
(that's what I did.)
Consequence: Now the people in charge know about your dreams.
If your dream is to take a Gap Year and see the world...
Put it on your calendar and tell people about it.
Consequence: People will keep asking you if you took that trip and you'll have to tell them why you gave up on your dream.
Create urgency and put yourself in a position where you have no choice but to do it.
When you do, your dreams will happen.
Make your dreams happen by creating consequences.
Nothing happens until something happens.
Ask yourself: "Where can I create urgency and a consequence in service of MY dream?"

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