3 Steps To Build Your Email List FAST!

Having an email list is critical to running a successful and healthy online business teaching what you know, love, and are passionate about.

The beautiful thing about having an email list of quality (meaning they know, like, and trust you) is that the more your audience grows, the more money you can make in your business, and the more people you can help along the way.

Anytime you do a launch, create a piece of content, write a book, or anything else, you can pitch it to your email list and they will be there to support you through thick and thin (assuming you’re building a quality relationship).

But one of the biggest problems I run into all the time is “How do I build my email list!?” 

Look, there are many ways you could build an email list but when it comes to email list building, it’s quality over quantity.

I’d much rather have a list of 500 people that are engaged and loyal than 10,000 people who never open an email.

The truth is that building an email list does take time but when you do what I’m going to show you today, you will be able to build one faster and on autopilot without you even thinking about it!

You will learn:

  • How to build a quality email list
  • What makes people join your list
  • How to attract the right people to your list
  • How to easily grow your list overtime on autopilot

 Let’s dive in!

Step 1 - Grow Your List With Lead Magnets

Wanna know something that doesn't work very well...

"Join our email list"

"Subscriber to our newsletter!"

No. Just no.

Who wants to be on another marketing newsletter or just be on another email list?? No one!

If you want to grow your email list fast, lead with value by creating a lead magnet.

A lead magnet is simply a FREE downloadable you give someone in exchange for their contact information - in this case, their email address.

Here are a couple of examples:

  • Short PDF guide, checklist, template, or cheat sheet
  • Exclusive online training, only accessible by opting-in
  • Online quiz
  • Free Consultation

If you're new to lead magnets, I would start with a short and simple PDF guide as these are easy to create for you and easy to digest for your audience.

If someone is speaking directly to your burning pain and offers you a FREE solution for it in exchange for your email, would you give it to them? (duh)

But that's the thing...

It needs to speak to them.

Here's what makes a good lead magnet:

  • Speaks directly to your audience's core pain/desire
  • Feels like a “no-brainer” to your audience
  • Digestible and will get them a “quick win” that day
  • Benefit-Driven, not Feature-Focused 

This is going to be your first step in building your email list because this is what you will give them in exchange for their email.

After you've built the free goodie, you'll want to create a simple landing page to collect the email (make sure you set an automation that delivers them the goodie right away).

Here's an example from my website...

Step 2 - Create Evergreen Content

“Evergreen” is sustainable, Search-Optimized (SEO) content that is continually relevant and searchable for viewers over a long period of time.

Think blogs, podcasts, and YouTube channels - focus on 1 at a time for now. YOu can branch out later when you're more comfortable.

We do this because social media platforms come and go and can change the rules unknowingly (and they do). Evergreen content is far more valuable and reliable than social media posts. 

You have more control and people can still search your content from 3+ years ago until YOU decide to take it down. Also, when people are looking for a solution to their problems, they go to Google or YouTube. Therefore, you should be there!

What Makes Great Content:

  • It’s Original
  • Adds Actionable Value (answers people's questions)
  • It’s Digestible (format & information)
  • Uses Examples (For example…)
  • Always Relates To Your Core Topic (even if it’s an “off-topic”)

Best Practices:

  • Pick a posting schedule and stay consistent (what can you realistically commit to for the long haul? Once/week is great.)
  • Stick to your niche and core audience
  • Put your audience first (show you care by studying their needs and creating quality content for them)
  • Optimize content for mobile
  • Always pitch your Lead Magnet or leave a Call To Action (CTA)

When you offer your lead magnet in this type of content, you're essentially creating a full-time employee that gets discovered by your target audience, adds value to the marketplace, and brings leads to your business by offering your lead magnet.

The more content you create, the more employees you have.

You can also re-purpose that content into social media posts in the form of short videos, written posts, quotes, and more.

Step 3 - Share Your Lead Magnet Everywhere

Here's the thing...

If you've followed what I said on how to create a lead magnet, it is valuable.

You're not being "spammy" by offering a lead magnet because you want to grow your business. Put that thing EVERYWHERE!

Here are a couple of ideas:

  • Build your website around the lead magnet (check out my website)
  • Put it on social media banners
  • Make posts about it and share it with people
  • Offer it in EVERY piece of content you create

The more your lead magnet speaks to your target audience's specific pains and desires, and the more people see it, the more people will want it.

And how do they get it?

By opting in (giving you their email address).


Building your email list is pretty straightforward...

  1. Give them something valuable in exchange for their email address
  2. Create evergreen content that is searchable 24/7
  3. Share it in every piece of content you create

Do these 3 things and your email list will start growing like an automated savings account.

Your content will be getting discovered while you sleep and people will learn about your value-packed freebie (lead magnet), they will opt in.

Take what you learned here, get out there, and start building your list!


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