How To Find Your Answers

Have you ever heard someone say,


"All of the answers are inside of you."?


And you think...


"Well, if the answers were inside of me, why can't I find them!?"


Truth is...


The answers really ARE inside of you!


You just need to know how to access them.


Thing is...


It's difficult to find your answers purely on a conscious level.


The REAL answers lie in your unconscious mind.


"Ok... So how do I find em?"


Here's How To Find Your Answers:


1. Start by generating state


Your answers lie in a different energetic state.


We want to match our vibration (energy) with our vision.


Consider this...


Have you ever made a good decision in anger, fear, or frustration?


Typically no.


When we are in a more positive state, we can access better answers.


To get into a positive state,


Write down 10 things you are grateful for, or that you deeply appreciate in your life right now.


Then write down something you are proud of or a big win that you had recently.


When you do this, really FEEL the gratitude and the thing(s) you are proud of.


Gratitude puts you on the frequency of possibility.


2. Consider the quality of the question


If you want better answers, ask better questions.


Look at these questions...


"How am I ever going to make it through next month?"




"How could I travel to Italy in the next six months and make $10,000 doing it?"


Do you see the difference?


One is clear and has exact numbers.


One is vague and unclear.


Better questions get better answers...


Just like Google.


One more thing...


Focus on asking WHAT and HOW questions, not WHY questions.


WHY questions come from logic, patterns of the past, and victimhood.


Not our intuition.


Which is where your inspired action steps lie.


3. Become aware that the mind of the Infinite has an answer for every



Call it Life, God, The Universe, Spirit, The Force, Soul-Force, etc.


There are bigger forces at play than you alone.


And that power that blows the wind, opens a flower, and beats your heart has the answers to

your questions.


That same power is within you.


So adopt the belief that you really do have the answers inside of yourself and practice being

open to them.


When you do, they will come.

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