1 Practice For Happiness

Wouldn't it be great to have 1 Practice For Happiness?
1 simple thing you could do to get into an energetic high of feeling happy and abundant anytime you needed it?
Do you ever wonder what the primary difference between someone who doesn't have a lot but is happy, compared to someone that has "everything" and isn't?
One word...
Gratitude is the most powerful discipline we can practice as human beings.
My definition of gratitude is:
"The experience of deep appreciation for what you have right now."
Gratitude = appreciation
A life of appreciation is a rich life.
Regardless of how much you have.
Gratitude can bring you from an energetic low into an energetic high in minutes.
Question is...
How do we practice gratitude?
Here is 1 Practice For Happiness (aka gratitude)
Practice saying "thank you for (x)"
Thank you for my car, thank you for my house, thank you for my phone, thank you for my legs, thank you for my eyesight, thank you for my hearing, etc.
Now, you may be thinking...
"James... Who exactly am I thanking for all of this?"
Good question.
It's up to you.
It could be God, The Universe, Spirit, The Force, Life Energy, Nature, Buddha, etc.
Let's face it...
There is some kind of force or energy that is breathing us right now.
It's beating our hearts.
Choose to thank this thing called Life and for the very fact that you are a part of it.
When you can appreciate everything in your life right this minute,
You realize that you have so much more than you can imagine.
You'll begin to see more opportunities and just FEEL better in general.
Practice the Thank You Technique and pay attention to how you're feeling while you do it.
The more you say "Thank you for (x)"
The more that feeling of appreciation will come up inside of you and in turn...
You will experience gratitude.

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