5 Steps To Deal With Negative People

 Let's face it...

There are some Karens out there.

You know, those people that are just straight a** holes?


Unfortunately, we can't just "cut everyone away" that makes our life difficult.

If done in an unnecessary way, that can actually be toxic.

Question is...

"What if these monkey butts are my family, my co-workers, my boss, or my spouse, even!?"

"It's kind of hard to just kick those people out of my life!"



Here are 5 Steps To Deal With Negative People:

1. Don’t take it personally

Everyone is in their own little world and you have NO IDEA what they're thinking about.

You have no idea what they're going through.

You have no idea how much sleep they got.

God forbid...

If they're hangry.

Don't take it personally.

(read the 4 Agreements)

2. Refuse to consume their poison

Words, behavior, energy, etc.

You have a conscious choice to take in this person's poison when they act out (for whatever reason)

Or not.

It's your choice.

You'll know when you're taking in their poison when you're taking it personally.

You can just feel it.

3. Practice compassion

Again, you don’t know what they’re experiencing.

Maybe their kid is in the hospital and they don't know how they'll afford the bill.

Maybe they didn't sleep last night.

Maybe they got in a huge fight with their spouse or family member.

Maybe they're about to go bankrupt and are stressed.

You just don't know.

If you really knew the whole story, you'd most likely feel compassion.

Practice feeling compassion without knowing the whole story.

4. Focus on being at YOUR best

You are in charge of YOU.

That's it.

Focus your energy on being the most loving, kind, compassionate, caring, and badass individual you can be. If people don't like it.

They're just jealous.

5. Leave no stone unturned

Before you go cutting people away from your life.

Do everything you possibly can in your power to fix the situation.

See a therapist, go to counseling, talk with them (or at least try).

If you have done EVERYTHING in your power (I mean everything.)

And nothing has changed...

It may be time to cut away.

Know when to follow through with "necessary endings"

Use these 5 Steps To Deal With Negative People and watch as you start to feel more freedom.

Personal freedom.

And keep crushing it.

You got this.

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