Imposter Syndrome & Online Business

If you're feeling imposter syndrome in your online business, welcome to the party! I've been there and still experience it to this day. Lucky for you, I have a simple 3 step process to overcome it.


Every day, people are searching for answers to their questions and they want to learn from experts. But what if you’re not an “expert”?


What if you feel like you don’t know anything but, at the same time, you’re really passionate about a topic and you WANT to be an expert?


What if you feel like a fraud or that you lack the abilities to deliver and teach what you know to others?


That my friend is called “Imposter Syndrome”. And everybody’s got it.


Today, we’re going to crush your fears when it comes to not feeling good enough or smart enough to teach something you’re passionate about so you can get out into the world and make an impact.


You will learn:

  • How to overcome feeling like a fraud
  • How to build expertise even if you feel you don’t have any
  • 3 key components that make you an expert


Let’s dive in!

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