Just LAUNCH your online course - I'm begging you!!

Are you experiencing a “Failure to launch” with your course, product, or business?


This is totally normal and typically caused by a few things…


  • Overthinking, over-complicating, and second-guessing
  • Being stuck in “consumption mode”
  • Fear that you won’t have as much success as other people


I get it.


You want your products to be amazing before you launch them so they have the best chance of success, but what if that’s actually hurting your success?


Wanting our course or product to be “perfect” is exactly what causes us to overthink, second-guess, keep consuming, and never launch.


And I’m not just saying this to you, I experience this all the time when I’m creating new products.


I have to actively catch myself and realize that it’s never going to be perfect until you get people through it and refine it over time.


In today’s episode, I’m going to crush this “failure to launch” and needing things to be “perfect” mental barrier we experience so you can get your products good enough and get them out there to start serving people.


Let’s dive in!


Here’s where people go wrong


When it comes to creating and launching online products, it’s important to do customer research and make your lessons as actionable as possible.


The problem is that so many people get lost in trying to make every lesson and detail as “perfect” as possible.


There comes a point when you don’t need to do MORE research or keep refining your course lessons before you launch them.


People waste so much time building courses because they “could be better”. Trying to perfect each lesson before they officially launch it so people are happy with their work.


Look, I’m guilty of this too! Every time I create a course, I have to catch myself and ask, “Is it good enough to get this person a result?”. If so, I move on.


Another common problem that stops people from launching their online courses is thinking they can’t change or update their course AFTER it has launched.


Online courses are incredibly easy to update, and once you do, it’s updated instantly and for every person who has access to the course.


Also, people forget that you can re-launch a course down the road.


That’s right!


Either you don’t have a big audience yet or maybe it was just a bad launch, you can always update your launch sequence and re-launch courses at another time.


It’s not like once it’s up, it’s up for good and you can never make changes.


Here’s what to do instead


Rather than getting all “nit-picky” with your course, trying to make the most perfect course that’s ever been created on your subject, here’s a far better approach.


Get it good enough, and move on.


Words of wisdom right there.


Seriously though, as long as your course content is good enough to get someone the result you promised - move on.


As long as your sales copy is good enough to make sales - move on.


As long as your course looks and feels like a quality product - move on.


You don’t have to set such a high standard for your course (or yourself) what matters is that your course is able to sell and get your audience the result that you’re promising them.


That’s it!


Again, you can update everything about your course anytime you want from the sales copy to the content, to the way it looks and feels, etc. All with the click of a few buttons!


Don’t be one of those people that keeps tweaking and “optimizing” their copy and products. 


Instead, get people to try it out by running a beta offer (discounted or free) so you can get REAL feedback from REAL people and make the course better by listening to what they have to say.


In the end, we should be creating courses that help people solve their problems.


The only way to really do that is by getting people to use it.


Stop waffling around and wasting time with your course!


Build it, get it good enough, and get people to use it, THEN make changes.

It’s never going to be perfect until you do that.

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