I went to Kajabi HQ and Learned THIS

Recently, I had the opportunity to visit the Kajabi Headquarters in Irvine, California. As a content creator and business owner, I was excited to learn more about the platform and the company behind it. During my visit, I gained three key takeaways that I believe can be valuable to anyone in the online business space.

Takeaway #1 - Repurposing Content With AI

One conversation in the event that stood out to me was when we talked about repurposing content with AI. Different audiences have different learning styles which is why we, as creators, should be giving them different ways to consume our content.

If you have a podcast for example, consider getting a camera and hitting record so you can upload it to YouTube. If you don't want to be on camera, you could just put the audio file from your podcast into an editing software and use stock footage (b roll) to create a video and upload it that way.

You can also convert the outline of your content into a full blog post in seconds using a tool like ChatGPT. Simply type into ChatGPT, "Write me an article that ranks in Google about [insert topic of content] using this outline [paste in your outline]. 

Additionally, they recommended using tools like "Natural Readers" AI to convert blog posts into podcasts and then overlaying b-roll footage to create engaging video content. Another great tip they shared was to link Otter.ai to Zoom meetings and use it to summarize the meeting, then send those notes to clients. They also recommended checking out the "Captions app," which is available on iPhone, for easy video captioning.

Takeaway #2 - Create a Minimal Viable Product (MVP)

Another valuable takeaway from my visit was the importance of creating a minimal viable product (MVP) and getting it up and running as soon as possible. This allows you to get direct feedback from your audience and make updates to the course based on that feedback. To create a successful MVP, it's important to have a total no-brainer offer that gets people to commit emotionally and mentally.

To do this, you need to identify the most frequent struggles and desired outcomes of your audience, and then list the steps needed to go from point A to point B. It's important to highlight the "need to know" information vs. the "nice to know" information to avoid overwhelming your audience. Some examples of topics to cover in your MVP include finding your business or product idea, optimizing your website, getting traffic, building your product, selling your product, and automating your process.

Takeaway #3 - Implementation is Your Only Super Power

The final takeaway from my visit to Kajabi was the importance of implementation. As the saying goes, "I know everything I need to do, it's just a matter of me doing it." It's up to you to choose the headaches you want to have and the type of business you want to create. As coaches and creators, we need to do more than just give people information. We need to make them feel like they can actually implement that information and be successful.

That's why it's important to bake encouragement, inspiration, and accountability into your content creation. Whether it's through email newsletters, social media posts, or live events, you need to support your audience in their journey towards success.

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In conclusion, my visit to the Kajabi Headquarters was an eye-opening experience. Their commitment to helping content creators succeed with the help of AI and user-friendly tools is impressive. By repurposing content with AI, creating a minimal viable product, and emphasizing implementation, we can all take our online businesses to the next level.


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