Manifestation: Truth or Scam?

Manifestation is a very popular and common topic nowadays.  
But is it actually a real thing, or is it a load of woo-woo?  
I can tell you from first-hand experience that manifestation is indeed a real thing.  
Problem is...  
People have distorted beliefs about how it actually works.  
With movies and books on the Law of Attraction like "The Secret" and "Think and Grow Rich",  
People get the idea that they can JUST think about what they want and it will "magically happen". 
While thoughts are a necessary part of manifestation,   
It's not the whole enchilada.   
Manifestation is a WHOLE BODY experience.  
In order to effectively manifest something or someone into our lives,  
We must get laser-focused on these 3 things:  
1. Thoughts  
2. Feelings (emotions)  
3. Actions  
When your thoughts, feelings, and actions are all LASER FOCUSED on a specific result...  
Great things start to happen.  
What's the difference between a flashlight and a laser beam that can cut through steel?  
One word...  
When we align all of our thoughts, feelings, and actions with the sole purpose of achieving a specific result.  
We manifest that result.  
Not to shoot down thoughts...  
The first currency of the Universe is an idea.  
It's where it all begins.  
How do you think Edison made the incandescent lightbulb?  
It was an idea before it became a thing.  
But thoughts alone aren't gonna cut it.  
By only thinking about what you want, and never taking action or getting emotionally connected to the idea,  
You've only got one piece to the puzzle.  
That's like ordering a banana split and only getting a banana.  
Like what?  
Think of the thing you want to manifest into your life and ask yourself...  
How often am I thinking about this?  
Am I slightly obsessed?  
How emotionally connected am I to this idea?  
Am I doing everything in my power to make this happen? 
If you answer yes to these questions...  
Keep going.  
It's going to happen.

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