How To Raise Your Standards and Get More Out of Life

What are your standards?
Standards are what separate the pros from the amateurs.
The problem is...
Most people have low and poor standards.
A restaurant serves a meal and there is a fly or two in it.
Before they serve the meal, they notice the fly and decide to serve it anyway.
That is a low standard.
Because of that... 
You most likely wouldn't eat at that restaurant again, or you would be highly skeptical and be inspecting your food if you went there again.
Let's say you're an Olympic sprinter...
Are you just going to casually walk through the finish line?
Of course not.
You SPRINT through the finish line!
What separates Olympians from amateurs is their standards.
So how do we change our standards?
Imagine what you would ultimately love to be, do, have, experience, create, and give.
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Pay attention to other people that are your "Olympians" and notice what their standards are.
This could be in business, relationships, health, wealth, etc.
Find the people who are excelling at what you want to excel at.
Listen to interviews by them, read their blog posts, watch their YouTube channel, meet them in person.
Get in the mind of that person that has the life/result you desire.
When you do that, pay attention to what their habits and standards are and how they're different than yours right now.
What a standard is, is an agreed way of doing something.
Agree with yourself that you're going to be more like your "Olympian".
Raise the standard.
Set the standard.
Act accordingly.

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