How To Use VidIQ To Grow Your YouTube Channel (Keyword SEO)

For over a year I struggled with getting views on my YouTube videos. I was uploading every week as people told me, even daily for a while.  


I was pouring my heart into the content thinking that just putting out content was enough to grow my channel but I was wrong. I made the mistake, like so many other content creators do, of not doing research before creating a video.  


Frustrated with my lack of growth, I started researching how to grow a YouTube channel and found a man named Rob Wilson who introduced me to his company VidIQ.  VidIQ is a YouTube-certified keyword research tool that allows you to find topics that people are actually looking for along with the amount of competition there is around that topic so you can create more searchable content.  


And it really works!


Look at my views increase before using VidIQ...


and after using VidIQ...


Today, we’re going to take a look at how to use VidIQ so you can start creating better content that people actually are searching for.  


Let’s dive in!


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