Applying The Pareto Principle To Your Business (80/20 Rule)

productivity Dec 20, 2022

When people start a business, they think the more they work, the more money they can make but that’s not always the case.


Imagine being able to work fewer hours and earn more money. How would you spend that time? What would you be doing and who would you spend it with?


Today, I’m going to share with you one of the most impactful principles I’ve applied to my life and business and it’s known as the Pareto Principle (AKA the 80/20 Rule).


You Will Learn:

  • What the Pareto Principle is
  • Specific examples for business 
  • How to apply the 80/20 Rule to your business


Let’s dive in!


What is Pareto’s Principle (80/20 Rule)?


In the early 1900s, Italian economist,...

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3 Productivity Tips That Changed My Life

productivity Oct 04, 2022

I’m a huge fan of working less and living more while making as much money as possible.


I used to purely coach people on productivity and performance before teaching online business and productivity still has a sweet spot in my heart and spills into what I teach today.


To me, working less is the goal. Even if I’m doing work I love, I don’t want to be working all the time and I don’t want that for you either (unless you’re into that).


That’s why I teach about creating systems and focusing on passive income so that we can have real freedom in life - to me THAT is productivity.


Today, we’re taking a bit of a different approach to online business by not focusing on the...

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How To Use Apple Notes To Organize Your Thoughts & Ideas

productivity Feb 23, 2022

If you haven’t been using Apple Notes to organize your ideas for quick capture, you’re missing out on a lot.


Let me ask you this...


Have you ever had a brilliant idea that you didn’t write down (but knew you should have) and regretted it afterward?


Now, imagine if you were able to capture those ideas effortlessly, revisit them, and make them come to life, what would you have accomplished by now?


In today's busy world, we have many ideas that get lost because we haven’t had a system for capturing those ideas and putting them into action.


Starting today, we’re going to create a system for you that makes capturing, organizing, and executing those ideas effortless so you...

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Time Blocking Your Google Calendar For Productivity

productivity Feb 15, 2022

Time blocking is the best practice you can do if you want to increase your productivity and live your life with more intention. And what better tool to use than your Google Calendar?


Google Calendar is the best tool to use when time blocking because it allows you to color-code, set reminders, and repeat tasks with the simple click of a button. You can also access your Google Calendar on any device at any time.


But there is a lot of stigma around time blocking. People say they get lost in the setup of time blocking and end up wasting time, that it’s too rigid, it’s overwhelming, and they spend too much time on it.


This is totally understandable, but I’m going to challenge that belief.



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