What No One Tells You About Starting an Online Business

starting a business Jan 31, 2023

So many people are starting online businesses and want to be seen as "experts" and be "polished" because that build credibility, right?


Kind of...


Today's piece of content is going to be more of a transparency post than anything.


I was hesitant to post this, but I knew it would be valuable for you, so I did it anyway.


My job isn't to make myself (or you) comfortable. It's to help you build an online business that you love and that helps a ton of other people.


I'm going to show you that you don't need to be a "world renowned expert" to start helping people and to build your online business.


What matters more than anything is that you just start, are consistent, and are willing to adapt and learn...

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3 Signs You Need To Quit Your Job

starting a business Dec 27, 2022

As of March 2022, 8.6 million people quit their jobs. That’s a huge number and this time in history has been coined “The Great Resignation”.


Every day, we’re seeing people start online businesses and get jobs where they can work from home and live a fulfilling life so we want to experience that as well.


Today, there are so many ways to make money while giving yourself freedom whether it’s starting an online business or transitioning into a different career.


Work is gonna take up of your life so you might as well enjoy it.


Without further ado, here are 3 signs you need to quit your job.


#1: There’s No Room For Growth


There’s a saying that goes “If...

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The Most Profitable Business You Can Start RIGHT NOW

starting a business Nov 29, 2022

According to a study done by Dartmouth College, 70% of Americans want to be self-employed but only 7% of them actually are.


That’s a huge gap (10:1 ratio) between people that simply “want to” versus the ones that took the leap.


The reason people don’t take the leap is that they believe that starting a business is “too risky”. But in today’s day and age, we can start a highly profitable online business for under $100 - Does that sound risky?


Today, I’m revealing to you the most profitable business you can start right now. Don’t worry, it’s not dropshipping, Amazon FBA, affiliate marketing, or dancing on camera as an “influencer”.


This is a...

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