How To Get UNLIMITED Website Traffic For FREE

Paid ads are not the “magic bullet” to getting traffic to your website! There is a better way (that’s free) and it is called content marketing.


There is a reason that 82% of companies use content marketing to drive traffic to their websites.


Content marketing gets better brand awareness, better quality leads, and increased profit because of its low costs.


Today, I’m going to show you how to get unlimited website traffic to YOUR site, totally free.


You Will Learn:

  • How to understand your audience
  • Create content that is guaranteed to get discovered 
  • The best types of content to focus on 
  • How to supercharge your traffic


And the best part is, it won’t cost you a dime.


Let’s dive in!


Knowing & Understanding Your Audience


Before we start creating content, we have to know WHO we’re creating content for.


The biggest question to ask yourself is, “Who do I want to visit my website?” 


This is about finding your ideal customer by considering their challenges, frustrations, goals, desires, and obstacles.


Knowing this will give you the best chance of succeeding in your web traffic efforts.


Content marketing is all about answering your target audience's questions. To do that, we want to focus on long-tail keywords your audience would most likely be typing into search bars.


The easiest way to find content your target audience is actually searching for every day is to use search bars on both Google and YouTube.


Here’s an example…


Let’s say your target audience is men over 50 trying to get into shape.


What we would do is open up an Incognito window (For Mac: Shift+Command+N), (For PC: Shift+Ctrl+N).


Going incognito will treat you like a “fresh user” with zero previous search history.


From there, open up Google and/or YouTube and type into the search bar something your target audience would likely be struggling with. What problem could they be trying to solve in their life right now?


Using our man who's over 50 as an example, we could type in “How to get in shape over 50”.


Google is then going to auto-populate other search terms that are commonly searched similar to what you typed in.

This is a goldmine because these are all search terms real people are looking for on Google (you can do the same thing on YouTube).


For example, "The Fastest Way To Get In Shape Over 50" and "How To Stay In Shape Over 50" are two separate pieces of content you can create. You could even answer both of those questions inside one blog post or YouTube video.


With this search alone, you have 10 content ideas that you KNOW will be found by your ideal audience.


Create a document with 20-50 content ideas you could create then move on to the next step…


Content That Drives Traffic To Your Website


Not all content is created equal.


Blogs and YouTube channels are better than social media because they are more reliable and don’t change the rules (as much) as social media.


For example, in 2022, Instagram’s average organic reach was 13.51%, while Facebook's average reach rate was only up to 8.60%.


That’s pretty low for the amount of work needed to grow your audience on social media.


Plus, blogs and YouTube uploads live forever while social media posts get “lost in the feed” in a matter of days. Blog posts and YouTube videos are constantly being searched for years on end until YOU decide to take them down.


When creating content, you’re answering your target audience's questions in a fun way and that fits their lifestyle too.


For example, if your audience commutes to work a lot, having a podcast or video podcast can be a great option because they can listen while they drive and get into the routine of tuning into your channel.


But we don’t want to create content just to create content. We want people that are interested in our business to visit our website and consider buying our products and services.


Moving Traffic To Your Website


When you create content on a blog, you’re naturally bringing eyeballs to your site because that’s where your content is stored.


However, if you’re running a YouTube channel, you need to get that traffic from YouTube’s website over to yours.


You have to give people a reason to visit your website that benefits them and the best way to do that is to create a lead magnet.


In this article, I walk you through the ins and outs of how to do this.


According to HubSpot.com the average time spent on a website across all industries is 54 seconds.


You have less than 54 seconds to capture their attention and keep them in your ecosystem! That’s where your lead magnet comes in.


We could talk all day about creating lead magnets but to create a great lead magnet, you just need to answer these two questions:


  1. What is the most intense and consistent problem or challenge your audience is facing?
  2. What is the SINGLE most valuable or immediate solution you can offer to solve that problem?


A great example is from a mentor of mine named Greg Faxon. He’s a business coach helping coaches fill up their client rosters.


One of the biggest challenges for coaches is finding clients. Greg knows this from understanding his perfect client so he created a short PDF guide called “21 Ways To Find Potential Clients”.


It’s short, actionable, and solves a specific problem his ideal audience is experiencing.


Supercharging Your Website Traffic (for free)


I’m not going to lie to you, content marketing takes time to kick in. It could be months or even years until you get a steady stream of traffic to your website.


But there is a “shortcut” you can take to get more traffic to your website and that is guest posting.


Here’s how you do it:


  • Create a list of 10-20 collaborators in your niche with a larger audience than you.
  • Do your homework! Study each person's channel/platform and come up with 3 guest post ideas and ask them if they would be interested in collaborating.
  • When you reach out, keep your focus on the benefits you can bring THEM and THEIR audience.
  • When you score a podcast interview or guest post, deliver amazing content and offer your lead magnet so people come to your website!


NOTE: Sometimes, when guest posting, it is frowned upon to “self-promote” by offering your lead magnet. Always check with the person you're guest posting for if you can offer your lead magnet. If they say no, just leave a link to your website and make sure your site is built around your lead magnet (check out my website).


Guest posting is not only a great way to get more traffic to your website but also for networking and making new connections in your niche.


As my Dad always told me, “It’s not what you know, but who you know.”


You never know who knows someone that could propel you into your next level.




Now you know how to get unlimited traffic to your website, totally free.


You learned the importance of understanding your audience, how to create content they’re actively searching for, how to drive that traffic to your website and collect email addresses, and you have a process for winning some guest posts!


Take what you learned here, get out there and start getting some traffic!

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