How to Never Worry About Lead Generation Again

If you want to have an online business, wait, I mean ANY business... You need to understand how to bring leads to that business that are interested in what you do or have to offer so that they can ultimately buy things from you. 


But when it comes to lead generation, many people struggle... Just like the old version of me.


When I started, I had no idea how to bring leads to my online business and I kept coming from a place of "getting". So I became obsessed with how to get leads so that I could grow my online business. 


I began watching videos, reading, blog posts, listening to podcasts, and so on.  Inside all that research, I read two books that made a huge impact on my ability to generate quality leads. 


The first was the Prosperous Coach...


Inside of it, Rich Litvin shares that we don't "get" clients, we don't even "attract" clients, instead, we "create" clients. 


Now that book is for coaches about how to grow their coaching practices, but whether you're a coach or not, the same thing still applies to your business. 


The other book was The Go-Giver and that book is all about giving in order to succeed in life and business. 


Today, I'm going to show you how to apply these principles to your lead generation strategy so that you can make a bigger impact while also growing your online business. 


Let's dive in! 


Before we get too deep into this, do know that there are many different ways to build an online business, along with different lead generation strategies. This is just one way, and it's been the best way that I have found, personally.


Focus On Evergreen Content


The way that we're going to grow your online business is by creating binge-worthy Evergreen content. Evergreen content is free, searchable, and discoverable content that you put onto the internet for people to find (think blogs, podcasts, and YouTube channels).


When you put up a YouTube video, blog post, or podcast, no one else is going to take it down unless, for some reason, the whole entire internet just shut down. These channels are far more sustainable than something like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter posts where it only goes up for people to see a really quick, and then it disappears into The Ether.


You can have a video or blog post that you uploaded years ago and it is still generating traffic to you, assuming that it's a relevant piece of content.


Evergreen content also helps you build trust and authority with your viewers because it takes work to actually build this kind of content. So if you are putting in that kind of work, people notice, and they appreciate you for it.


You're also seen as somebody who is truly generous for giving away quality, in-depth content.


So how does this relate to getting hot fresh quality leads on The Daily???


Think about it this way... When you want to learn something, what do you do?


Google or YouTube, right?


Right this second, billions of people are looking for answers to their problems on Google and YouTube, which are the two biggest search engines in the world.


Shouldn't you be there?


But no, people choose to post on Facebook and different social media platforms and I see content, that's really good, but they get little to no engagement.


Whereas, if they just turned that into a blog post or a YouTube video and uploaded it, they could have a reliable content stream that can pull leads to them until they decide to take it down.


Now, when you're posting this content, what's important is to post great content.


Not lukewarm content...


Not okay content...


Great content. 


Creating Great Content


Here's what makes great content... 


First off it's original. 


A great book to read on how to be original is "Steal Like an Artist" by Austin Kleon. Inside that book, he shares that everything is basically already out there in the world, it's already been created. 


So how do we become original? 


To sum it up, you want to pull bits and pieces from many different sources and combine those bits and pieces into one thing that is your own style. It's okay to copy when you copy from many different sources - That's how we become original. 


Great content is actionable. 


So many people post content that is just surface level. 


For example, people will share with you, "You need to create a system that will bring in leads" but they never SHOW you what that system is. 


Actionable content would be somebody actually showing you step-by-step, or explaining to you, what that process or system is. 


Great content gives the WHAT, the WHY, and the HOW.


Basically when you make content be more detail-oriented and don't hold back. Give people some insight or strategies that they can use that day to get real-world results.


Because when they apply those things that you mentioned, and they actually get results, they are always going to be thinking about you and will see you as an authority and trust that you are a legitimate resource for them.


Next, great content uses examples. 


For example, I just explained to you how to create actionable content. Examples simplify an idea and help people understand things better. When people understand things, they have more clarity, which causes them to take more action. 


Lastly, great content is consistent and sticks to one niche.


Pick a schedule that's going to work for you to upload, regular weekly, free content. Whether it's 1, 2, 3 times per week, or even daily, make sure that you can actually stick with it. 


What can you realistically commit to, with the time that you have, for the long haul? 


Don't do what I did where I tried to upload daily for a while and, honestly, I got very little traction with the post that I was doing because I was thinking of quantity rather than quality.


Evergreen content is a long game.  And personally, I'd much rather have a big database for people to go check out and utilize that is all quality content built up over time. Rather than just pumping out a bunch of, okay, lukewarm content. 


And when you're consistent with this over time, focusing on a core topic, you will eventually build up this massive database of quality content and people will find you. 


Now, when people find you, the goal is to convert those people into leads, which leads me to my next point...


Always Have a Call To Action (CTA)


Effective content gets an email address, and then on the back end of the content, you can make sales through email.


That's how small channels are able to make big money because they don't rely on AdSense through their content. You capture an email address through your content, then you build a relationship through email, then you're able to make sales.


As soon as somebody finds your content, they could be a paying customer within 30 minutes to an hour. And for some people, it will take a couple of days, weeks, months, or even years of watching your content, which is why you need to be consistent with uploading quality content on the reg.


So, the real question is, how do we actually get that email address?


By having a call to action and giving people a clear and logical next step for them to take to dive deeper with you.


This could be...


  • Offering a guide.
  • To book a call with you
  • To consume an exclusive piece of content (a special workshop or podcast episode that you have that's not published anywhere else)


Now, in order to get this free thing, they're going to have to give you their email address.


In terms of lead generation, think about what's happening here...


People searched for a specific topic, phrase, or answer to their problem/question, you showed up and gave them some great quality content while also giving them a clear call to action to dive deeper with you.


If you're consistent with that, eventually they will take you up on it.


Maybe they'll watch a handful of videos by you, maybe it'll be on that very first video, but you're always giving them a call to action to take some sort of action in order to dive deeper with you.


This is something that so many people don't do in their content. They just post a video or some blog or podcast and never, at the beginning, middle, or end, give the viewer a CTA.


Because your content is evergreen, it'll always be out there to be searched and it's always going to be discoverable for people.


Always give a call to action.


I've spoken with many people about this, and they feel like they would be a nuisance if, in every single video, they keep saying "download my guide" or "book a call with me" and they're afraid that they're going to bother people and lose their audience.


When, what's true, is the total opposite!


When you offer that lead magnet, which is this free thing in exchange for their email address, see it as giving rather than getting. You're not "getting" their email address, you're GIVING them something awesome and they just have to give you their email address in exchange for that thing.


For example, my 5 step guide is a lead magnet!


I told you that if you want to grow a knowledge-based business, and sell what you know, on autopilot, I can show you how to do that in five simple steps. I want to help you out with that and, to do that, I'm going to give you this awesome guide for FREE  (and trust me, it is awesome). Download it and check it out for yourself. 




Bottom line...


Create great content regularly, and eventually, you're going to build up this big database of awesome, free content that will bring in quality leads to your business. Because, inside of every video, you offer your lead magnet.


Remember to see it as giving rather than getting, like you're hooking this person up with something awesome that's going to help them accomplish their goal.


But it does have to be a great lead magnet that will actually convert.


Oh, what was that?


Oh, you want to know how to actually build a lead magnet?




That's exactly what I show you in this post right here.


Take what you learned here, get out there, make epic and free content around your area of expertise, and always offer your lead magnet.


To your success,



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