6 Reasons Your Online Course Isn't Selling

sales Jan 24, 2023

There’s nothing worse than putting a ton of time into building an online course, publishing it, and seeing zero sales - trust me, I know from experience.


I built 6 online courses before I was able to make one that sold itself on autopilot. During that time, I learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t.


Today, I’m sharing with you 6 reasons your online course most likely isn't selling along with how to fix each one of them.


Let’s dive in!


Reason #1: You Don’t Understand Your Customer Well Enough


This is probably the biggest reason out of all 6. In order to sell products, we need to clearly understand who we serve and how we serve them.


The better you understand...

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The #1 Underused Tactic For Selling More Products

sales Jan 03, 2023

It’s a new year and my question for you is, do you have a plan for selling more products in your business?


Most people don’t and just wing it when the new year starts; sporadically making offers on a whim or worse, making none.


If you want to make as much money as you can this year, you need a product launch plan or a promotional calendar.


All big and successful businesses do this and know exactly what products are being sold and when each year.


Doing this will help you tailor your content when a launch is coming up and make more money in your business (because you’re actually offering your people things to buy).


You Will Learn:

  • How often to sell to your email list
  • What products to...
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The #1 Skill Youā€™re Missing To Make Money Online Easier

sales Nov 08, 2022


There are a million skills you could develop to grow your business and make money online: creating content, building products, improving your site design, talking to customers, collaborating with other creators, and so on. 


But there is ONE skill that will make your efforts to earn an online income so much easier and that is copywriting.


When you get good at copywriting, you can have a sales page that sells for you 24/7, 365, that never takes time off, takes breaks, or asks for a raise. That’s the power of copywriting.


Today, I’m sharing with you 9 of the best copywriting tips I’ve learned from investing a ton of money and time into learning this skill. 


I’m not the...

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How To Sell Online Courses Through Your Website ON AUTOPILOT

sales Oct 25, 2022

If you’re using a tool like Udemy or Skillshare (or thinking about it) please stop. 


You are going to have a lot more success selling your online course through your own website rather than a third-party website for a couple of reasons…

  • There’s no middleman
  • You can charge more money for your courses (and keep more)
  • Better relationships with your customers
  • More control of your business
  • Can automate the process of selling your products


Today, I’m breaking down how to sell your online course through your website (assuming you have a course already)and, most importantly, how to make it automated.


We’ll cover: 

  • How to get discovered online
  • How to bring people to your website
  • ...
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Copywriting For Beginners: Tips & Secrets I Wish I Knew

sales Aug 10, 2022

Copywriting is one of the most essential skills that we can develop as online business owners.


I wish that I had invested more time, money, and effort into learning how to write good copy when I was beginning my online journey.


Copywriting is what makes or breaks an online business because we’re not directly talking with people so we need to rely on our writing skills to persuade people to click, watch, and buy our content, products, and services.


Copywriting is persuasive writing. So anytime you see a Facebook ad, magazine, blog post, landing page, sales page, etc. - That’s copy. 


And if it made you want to click or buy something from it, that’s GOOD copy.


The sooner that we can...

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This ONE THING will make you more money online

sales May 24, 2022

If you’re trying to make money online, having an effective sales page is critical. Sales pages are what make running an automated online business actually work.

There are some key components that are non-negotiable to sales pages like having a good hook, communicating the price to value ratio, and helping this person realize that there is a problem in their life and your product is the thing that’s going to help them.

But there’s another key component that so many people overlook, or just completely avoid together in their sales copy and that is a moneyback guarantee.

If you do not have a moneyback guarantee on your sales page, you are leaving money on the table!

Today, I’m going to cover why having a guarantee...

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Why Your Copywriting Sucks And What To Do About It

sales Mar 09, 2022

Copywriting is hard... IF you don't do what I'm about to show you. 
Well-written sales copy is an underrated skill and it's probably the most important skill that you can develop as an online business owner. 
Great copy is what causes your target audience to take action. Whether that's to buy your book, buy your online course or digital product, or just to book a call with you. 
I'm talking about writing in a way that gets inside their head and causes them to think, "I feel like this guy is reading my mind!" 
Now understand that I'm not a freelance copywriting "expert" but I can tell you that I have attempted many times to write sales copy trying to sell digital products and ended...
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