Do NOT Say "Join Our Newsletter!" (here's why)

growing your audience Feb 08, 2023

If you’re running an online business, the primary goal of your website & social channels should be to capture email subscribers.


The saying “the money is in the list” is one of the most important online business rules and it still applies today.


Problem is, so many people shoot themselves in the foot by putting a TEENY TINY box hidden in the bottom corner of their website that (of all things) says “Join our newsletter”.


As a consumer, I want you to solve my problems, not “update me”!


Here’s what to do instead.


Give people a good reason to subscribe that benefits THEM - make it a no-brainer for them.


That’s what today is about.



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The ONLY 5 Stories You Need To Grow Your Business

growing your audience Jan 17, 2023

Storytelling is an incredibly effective way to grow your business because stories connect real people together. And that’s the point of a business, whether it’s online or not, people helping people.


The problem is so many people don’t know how to tell a good story so they just spit facts and stats that don’t connect them to their audience. 


People want to know that you can help them AND that you are someone they can relate to. That’s the Know, Like, and Trust factor.


There’s a reason the saying goes, “A fact will always tell, and a story will always sell”.


If you’re creating content online, you need to be able to connect with your audience and...

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15 Headline Formulas For Getting More Views (Plug & Play)

growing your audience Jan 10, 2023


So many people have great content they want to share with the world but don’t get the amount of attention they deserve, mainly because their titles and headlines aren’t clickable.


Think about it…


The more people that click on your content, the more people will consume your content, and the more likely you are to get opt-ins and make sales (assuming you’re building your business the way I teach).


Getting good at creating catchy and intriguing titles is one of the most important things you can do that makes everything else easier in your business!


And creating titles doesn’t need to be difficult. In fact, it’s much easier to replicate titles that are already...

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How To Get UNLIMITED Website Traffic For FREE

growing your audience Dec 06, 2022

Paid ads are not the “magic bullet” to getting traffic to your website! There is a better way (that’s free) and it is called content marketing.


There is a reason that 82% of companies use content marketing to drive traffic to their websites.


Content marketing gets better brand awareness, better quality leads, and increased profit because of its low costs.


Today, I’m going to show you how to get unlimited website traffic to YOUR site, totally free.


You Will Learn:

  • How to understand your audience
  • Create content that is guaranteed to get discovered 
  • The best types of content to focus on 
  • How to supercharge your traffic


And the best part is, it won’t cost you...

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Create Email Subject Lines That Get CLICKED

growing your audience Oct 11, 2022

According to Campaign Monitor, email marketing has an ROI of 4,400% with over 4 Billion people using email on a daily basis.


And according to Content Marketing Institute, Content Marketers rate email newsletters as their highest-performing resource for securing and nurturing leads.


Email marketing is the backbone of online business.


Problem is…


You could have the best ideas, content, and products but if your email subject lines suck, no one is ever going to know because they won’t open your emails.


With so many emails flooding inboxes, how do we make our emails stand out from the rest?


Good news for you, I used to have this problem so I studied what made good email subject lines...

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Let's Create Your Perfect Client (Step-By-Step Guide)

growing your audience Sep 13, 2022

Creating a clear picture of your Perfect Client is essential in running a successful online business (and business in general).


Having a customer avatar is what allows us to market to the right people and speak the language THEY can relate to.


Problem is…


A lot of people feel they “should” create a customer avatar but hate doing exercises that make them come up with something like, “I help middle-aged dads with 2 kids who drive minivans and do accounting”.


They feel it takes a lot of time and that it frankly is a waste of it too.


The truth is that understanding and coming up with a picture of who your perfect client is is one of the most important steps you can take as a...

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A Total Beginners Guide To Email Marketing

growing your audience Jul 12, 2022

If you are a total beginner when it comes to email marketing fear not. It may seem complex or you may think that email marketing isn’t going to grow your business.


Email marketing is the oldest form of digital marketing and is still the most powerful. YES! Even over social media or any other medium out there.


It’s my mission to show you how powerful email marketing is and how email marketing is well worth your time and energy if you want to grow your online business.


In this total beginners guide, I’m going to walk you through…

  • Why email marketing is more reliable than social media
  • Email marketing tools
  • How to collect emails
  • My email marketing strategy
  • Best email marketing practices...
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