Increasing Your Sense of Deserving

Uncategorized Jul 05, 2020
In order to manifest our dreams, we need to align our self-image with the life we would love living.
If your sense of deserving isn’t wide and deep enough to hold your dream, you will fall short.
How do you know if you deserve your dream? If you are breathing, you deserve to have your heart’s desire. Simply by virtue of you being alive, you are worthy and deserving of your dream.
You wouldn’t feel the longing if you didn’t have the capacity to manifest your dream.
Here are three keys to increasing your sense of deserving:
1. Focus on the good.
Circumstances are bad only if you perceive them as such. Instead of panicking when life appears to throw you a curve,...
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Is Your Dream Right For You?

Uncategorized Jul 04, 2020
It is important that the dream or goal we put our energy into is one that is in alignment with our purpose and core values.
Geoffrey Avert said that “The most important thing about having a goal is having one.”
The same goes for your dream.
You must first establish your dream, and establish that this dream is a good fit for you before it can be manifested into a reality.
Here are five questions that will help you determine whether or not your dream is right for you…
1. Does your dream give you life?
When you’ve chosen the right dream you will feel emotionally connected to your dream. Thinking about your dream will give you an expanded sense of aliveness.
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