My Content Marketing Strategy To Grow My Business on YouTube

Mar 01, 2022

HootSuite recently shared an article called "23 YouTube Stats That Matter to Marketers in 2022" and they mentioned that "YouTube may be more than 15 years old, but the platform has only gotten better faster and stronger with the passage of time."   


The truth is that YouTube is going nowhere but up and that's exactly why we should be focusing our time and energy into creating quality content every single week to market our business.   


Now, in this article, HootSuite mentioned some YouTube user statistics:   


The first one is that YouTube has 1.7 billion unique monthly visitors in total and gets 14.3 billion visits per month. That's more than Facebook, Wikipedia, Amazon, and Instagram!   


They also go on to say that YouTube is the second, most visited website with over 14 billion, monthly visits, YouTube clocks in as one of the internet's heaviest hitters right after its parent company, Google. ...

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How To Use Apple Notes To Organize Your Thoughts & Ideas

Feb 23, 2022

If you haven’t been using Apple Notes to organize your ideas for quick capture, you’re missing out on a lot.


Let me ask you this...


Have you ever had a brilliant idea that you didn’t write down (but knew you should have) and regretted it afterward?


Now, imagine if you were able to capture those ideas effortlessly, revisit them, and make them come to life, what would you have accomplished by now?


In today's busy world, we have many ideas that get lost because we haven’t had a system for capturing those ideas and putting them into action.


Starting today, we’re going to create a system for you that makes capturing, organizing, and executing those ideas effortless so you never miss an opportunity again.


Let's dive in!

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Time Blocking Your Google Calendar For Productivity

Feb 15, 2022

Time blocking is the best practice you can do if you want to increase your productivity and live your life with more intention. And what better tool to use than your Google Calendar?


Google Calendar is the best tool to use when time blocking because it allows you to color-code, set reminders, and repeat tasks with the simple click of a button. You can also access your Google Calendar on any device at any time.


But there is a lot of stigma around time blocking. People say they get lost in the setup of time blocking and end up wasting time, that it’s too rigid, it’s overwhelming, and they spend too much time on it.


This is totally understandable, but I’m going to challenge that belief.


Today, I’m going to share with you how I use a fully time-blocked Google Calendar that doesn’t overwhelm me and gives me more structure and freedom in my life and how you can do the same.


Let’s dive in!

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Grow Your Email List With These 3 Scalable Lead Magnet Ideas

Feb 08, 2022

When you grow your list, I recommend focusing on using lead magnets that are scaleable... Here's why. 


Growing your email list is one of the core things we as online business owners should be focusing on! Specifically, growing your list on auto-pilot. It took me a long time to understand how to grow an email list so that I could add value, offer my products and services, and create an automated income stream.  


It wasn’t until I started creating regular, free, valuable, evergreen content and, in it, offered something valuable to my audience (i.e. the lead magnet) that I was able to start building my list.  


And the great thing about evergreen content like a podcast, blog, or youtube channel is that it can be searched by people anywhere in the world at any time and by making your lead magnets in the way I’m going to show you today you get to create a more scalable business!  


Because if your channel,...

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The best marketing advice I've ever received

Feb 01, 2022

When I was trying to find my niche and market myself to the world, I struggled. I think I jumped between 6-7 different niches until I landed on teaching online business.


Truth is, I was hesitant because I was scared. I thought, “What do I know about online business?” “There are so many other business coaches out there, how am I going to stand out?” So I was trying to create something new that’s “never been done before” and because of that, I stayed stuck.


Then I spoke with a friend of mine named Tyson who shared with me some of the best marketing advice I have ever received. When I heard this, something clicked inside of me.


He said, “Model the cake; innovate the icing.”



Today, I’m going to share with you why that was so valuable.


You will learn:

  • Why it was so valuable (and still is)
  • How to apply it to your online business
  • What's stopping you from earning more and making an...
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How To Use VidIQ To Grow Your YouTube Channel (Keyword SEO)

Jan 26, 2022

For over a year I struggled with getting views on my YouTube videos. I was uploading every week as people told me, even daily for a while.  


I was pouring my heart into the content thinking that just putting out content was enough to grow my channel but I was wrong. I made the mistake, like so many other content creators do, of not doing research before creating a video.  


Frustrated with my lack of growth, I started researching how to grow a YouTube channel and found a man named Rob Wilson who introduced me to his company VidIQ.  VidIQ is a YouTube-certified keyword research tool that allows you to find topics that people are actually looking for along with the amount of competition there is around that topic so you can create more searchable content.  


And it really works!


Look at my views increase before using VidIQ...


and after using VidIQ...


Today, we’re going to take a look at how...

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Kajabi vs Teachable: Which Is Best For An Online Business?

Jan 19, 2022

You're debating on which tool is best for you between Kajabi and Teachable so you can share your knowledge and expertise with the world in the form of an online course, maybe even create a full-time online business.


Click here to start your FREE 30-Day Kajabi trial!


There are so many tools in the world right now to choose from when building a knowledge business but two of the biggest are Kajabi and Teachable.


So today, we’re going to take a look at both platforms that way you can get a sneak peek of what’s inside so you can be confident that you’re making the right decision.


Full disclosure, I am a little bias because I use Kajabi to run MY online business BUT there is still a ton of value that Teachable provides along with differences from Kajabi that you should know about before making your decision. And we’re going to go over all of that today.

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How To Achieve Work Life Balance In 3 Simple Steps

Jan 11, 2022

You've probably heard (or thought) that achieving work-life balance is a myth, something unattainable, or impossible. The truth is that we can achieve work-life balance by being more intentional with our time and energy.


Let’s imagine I gave you $525,600… Imagine… You could spend that however you wanted. Invest it, save it, pay off debt, buy a house, spend it in Vegas, whatever you want.


Thing is, 525,600 is the number of minutes in a year. And it’s just as valuable (actually more valuable) than if it were in money form. We get to spend that time however we want. Building a business, working a job, pursuing hobbies, falling in love, being with friends and family, the list goes on.


The problem is that we’re living in an “always-on” culture and we often overwork ourselves because it’s easier than ever to work from your phone or computer. Even when we’re with the people we love, we still find ourselves on...

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How To Work Less And Achieve More: Parkinson's Law Explained

Jan 04, 2022

Parkinson's Law is explained as "Work expands to fill the time available for its completion." Today we're going to cover how to understand and maximize this principle.


So, in 2014, there was a survey done by Salary.com that found, that 89% of workers, admitted it to wasting time at work every day. And out of these people, 61% claim to waste between 30 minutes to an hour a day.


While it may not seem like much, what happens is that time compounds so those five hours per week, end up turning into 260 hours per year and that's per employee! Or if you're an online business owner, that's time that you have just wasted being unproductive and focusing on tasks that are completely unrelated to your actual goals.


So, in today's lesson, we're going to go over a wonderful productivity principle known as Parkinson's Law and I will explain how to best leverage this tried and true principle so that you can get more done in less time and enjoy your life more.

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How To Set Effective S.M.A.R.T. Goals (and stick with them).

Dec 28, 2021

Today, we're talking about how to set S.M.A.R.T. Goals and actually stick with them.  


There's a new year upon us and, chances are, you've got goals. And that's great! But there are a couple of reasons that people fail to reach their goals when they create them inside their minds.


Mainly because their goals are:  

- Too vague  

- Too big of a goal or a dream (which we're going to get into today)  

- They're not relevant to the main thing that they really want to work towards  

- They have no defined start and end date  


So today we're going to go over how to set better goals and even gamify those goals by using the S.M.A.R.T. framework.   


S.M.A.R.T. stands for...  







We want to use this as a checklist to make sure that our goals truly are S.M.A.R.T....

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